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Various studies have shown what a single focus on task for constant period of time yields more effective results as opposed to multitasking and moving slower with every task at hand. It was not how we were designed by God. Multitasking is a lie we have been deceived into because taking part in distractions has become a common lifestyle for us over years. This is so even when it comes to results we can obtain in tasks we take upon for our Father. Listen to this teaching where brother Curry Blake shares how the results of healing successes dropped when he didn’t focus in one place and what he learnt from that.

You believe God for something it does not come, you believe God for something else and it doesn’t come. Now because it does not come, your faith gets dropped by you and depression is taken over instead. But the just are called to live by faith ? But that way of living is not living by faith, they are living by experience. A lot of doctrines are present which were created to protect reputations because of not seeing healing come through loved ones or ones we stood for believing. So then experience takes over truth by these man made doctrines and they are taught as the truth. But it is only the truth that sets people free. Sometimes yes situations do not work the way God says it must work out but we cannot lift up our doctrines above what God’s word says. There is no plan B. Jesus never spoke of why healing does not come, He didn’t have to. But we sure do have a lot to say about it. If you are looking for answers about this topic, this short sermon is a good one to listen.

You know what friends nothing really stops God from doing His good works, miracles and wonders. It is only a privilege we have as the Body of Christ to be plugged in through who God wants to move. The mystery has already been revealed: Christ within the hope of Glory. So be encouraged with this testimony to step out more into a normal lifestyle of the Kingdom you have been called to. Remember God’s word says that we are not the shrinking back out of fear kind of people but instead are the believing kind. So let us flow with Holy Spirit one with Him and do the word of God.

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