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no selfishness in love

no selfishness in love

Friends, there is no selfishness in love because love never seeks its own, and there is absolutely no love in selfishness. The only thing love ever says: i love you. It never has a clause attached to itself in the back and never loves because of any agenda. Most of us say we love people only so that it creates a reverse effect of them loving us back. Many of us also have a need in our lives because we say we love people but it is to fill a need in us. People loving us back does not make us lovable, the fact that Christ died for you proves you are loved by Him who paid such a great price for you. The fall of man twisted the image of love we were made in and made us need love from one another. But when we go back to our original state of being in the image of love, we love because that’s what God has made us, loving humans , and we love people for who they are because of who God made them.

Love has no personal agenda of its own. Its an absolutely free place and that’s what makes it so powerful. We have been in situations where we said we love people but found ourselves to be selfish. We cannot say we love purely because its not flowing out of a pristine place of pure motive towards the people. Ever prayed for a spouse acting out of the will of God, saying you so love him or her and that God should bring him or her back to His will ? We do not realize it but it is a purely selfish prayer masked by thinking we truly love the person. The fact is when we truly love the person, the prayer would be fully for the person’s created value and for his or her destiny in God so that they would fulfill it. It will never be associated to another person on earth. Compare both the prayers, friends:
1)Father change my wife to be Christlike and restore this marriage else things will not go well
2)Father my wife is so much more than her actions in the now, for sake of her created value and what Jesus did for her, help her see herself in You better

The problem with the first prayer although it seems that since you both are in a covenant things should go right, there is a catch hidden, that your wife should change so that marriage should go well. How is that loving ? Love is a free place, independent of another person because it is only God who governs our lives. Its not love when there is no sense of value and destiny of that person. We need to learn to see and pray like Father does. The way we fail to see people now is so petty in the light of eternity and what awaits us with Him. Be encouraged to seek Holy Spirit to help you see how to love from a free place. It is truly an experience which will lead you to freedom.

No man has the power to make you or break you

No man has the power to make you or break you

Many of us will agree to the first statement that indeed no man on earth has the power to make you or break you, because it is only God and what He says through His word has that power. As much as many of us would agree to that, the next question to ask is if you have managed a week without being affected by something someone else said or did not say ?

Lets consider some scenarios:
Your spouse or fiance did not say something you wanted to hear perhaps?
Your boss did not appreciate you for your work perhaps?
Somebody in church said something about you that you did not appreciate ?
Somebody in the train or the metro you cut you off and took your seat?
Somebody you texted on whatsapp or facebook did not reply to you as and when you expected but you know they saw your text ?
Your friend/friends from school times did not treat you well ?

These were couple of scenarios for us to think of from our daily lives. So although you could agree to something like this statement “no one having the power to make or break you” you would have still found that in daily life you have given that power to people whoever that may be. Where then is the problem, friend ? Answer is you are placing expectations on people which puts them in a position to fail and you get lifted or broken accordingly. Do you think this was the life Jesus lived or lives ?

When you place expectations on people what you are saying is how they treat or do not treat you is going to be the lord over your life. But only Jesus needs to be the Lord over your life, isn’t it? People can or cannot fail but why should that determine how you live, behave or even think ? For example, as a wife you may expect your husband to say he loves you often or speaks to you a certain way. So the day he does that you are happy, but the day he does not you go down and get frustrated with him. SO do you see that when you place expectation on another person you are setting them up to fail and letting them know that they have the major responsibility over how you ought to feel? That is a lot of pressure to place on another individual, friends. Gospel does not call you to do that.

We are called to love one another not expect from one another. So how can you expect from someone you are called to love ? God says very clearly that we are to love one another. He also says that we owe no man anything but to love. We are called to give that love to others. So we are to take that responsibility upon ourselves and because of the relationship with Jesus it is easy. He did not create us to expect from one another but to love one another. Every person in a community is to give out love to the others and there is never a loop backwards in the sense of needing it to make or break you.

One of the most negative effects of placing expectations on others is when you look at a person who has failed you couple of times before, the next time you see that person all you remember about him or her is how he or she failed you. Is that fair if it was you ? We are never to consider one another according to the flesh. We have been called to see one another only through His eyes and our created value. Anything less than that is us stealing the honor of that person.

This is one of the crucial aspects in the Body of Christ at large that needs to change. We need to learn to see one another only the way He sees us and we need to learn to be dictated by what He says about us and no one else. Consider the transformation in this area with the help of Holy Spirit!

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, before you ever were a brother or a sister or mother or a father, leader or a teacher, remember that you belonged to God your Father, the Father of lights. He thought of you before the foundation of this world was laid. You were in His mind. He had already thought of all the plans He has for you and the destiny you would step into.I call forth the destiny fulfilling spirit He has placed in you to rise up and take up your place in your destiny. Arise and shine dear.

In this walk of following Jesus, what it takes for us to do constantly is to keep remembering and reminding ourselves all that God is , who He is for us, who we are in Him. Yes it is a constant uplifting of oneself, a constant calling oneself into account to rise up and walk the truth that is found in Jesus and what He went through to make us one with Him. Let this is encouraging word lift you up to the truth. God loves you and this truth will never grow old for eternity.

Here is a song to encourage you in this truth.

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