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My dear friend reading this post, have you ever known a promise from God ? The bible is full of them . Have you received a prophetic word or vision from God ? Did you position yourself for the fulfillment of that promise ? You may have answered yes to these questions, but answer this one , have you been at perfect peace concerning them? Why not ? Aren’t promises of God supposed to give you rest concerning the matter He has spoken ? The reason that you can be in perfect peace is because your mind is stayed on Him with absolutely perfect trust knowing who He is. Trusting is an act based on believing who He says He is and truly knowing Him. So when the promises of God for you never changed, why are you? Stay put and see yourself walking in all of those. Please do not waste your time and imagination on aspects that are contrary to His promise to you. It is never worth it! Be blessed! Here is a song to encourage you in this truth. Let faith and trust arise!

God’s faithfulness is forever. We can be unfaithful to Him but because faithfulness is His nature He will remain true to His nature and remain faithful to us. That’s who our God is. Enjoy the song!

Enjoy this peaceful soaking worship music and just look to God and the beauty of His holiness today. Remember what He has been for you. Remember He has been your comforter when you needed Him to be that. Remember how He has been your Teacher when you needed understanding. Remember how He has been your constant guide when you had many crossroads infront of you. Remember how He constantly led you to Himself and showed more and more of Him. Remember this God of yours friend. Remember His faithfulness!

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