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We Christ followers can be victorious in every situation simply because Christ Jesus has overcome this world. This means no matter what the situation is we now have a perspective to live from because Jesus made that possible. Let us imagine if Jesus had not come or if God had not initiated the promise of sending His Son ever since the fall of Adam happened. We would never have had the knowledge of God’s desire to restore us back to Himself. We would have also never had a bigger view which far exceeds above the present circumstances we find ourselves in. Now because Jesus came we have this bigger perspective and fullness of hope that that present situation is not the Lord over our lives and we press on for the faith of the gospel knowing that we are one with God always. The bible says that the faith is our victory in this life. Therefore, we have no worry or need to be anxious. We have His peace that passes all understanding when our minds are continually stayed on Him. His faithfulness towards us is our lifeline. Such a good God never left us to ourselves when fall of Adam took place and did not change His mind due to man’s continual unfaithfulness and disobedience. He kept displaying His goodness that is able to move our hearts to repent and turn to Him. Is it not also a victory that we are now one with God in the spirit? Is it not a victory that Jesus’ blood speaks better things on our behalf although the enemy brings legitimate accusations against us? Is it not a victory that we now have no dominion of sin over us and have been freed from sin? Beloved friend, you are above your present situations in life , you are victorious in Christ. We encourage you to draw close to Spirit of counsel and let Him lead you on what victory looks like for you where you find yourself. Nobody can give you that secret place of communion with Holy Spirit, it is something a believer individually has to step into.We encourage you today with this video,a sermon preached by Dr. Vincent G. Artese titled “Be Strong and of Good Courage” :

Whatever we do in Christ will resound for eternity. Eternity is time independent. How we live here will determine the legacy that will get attached to our name. If Jesus had not gone to the extent that He did to buy back our opportunity to live in Him and be children of God we would have been lost forever. But because of what He did we now can be those that believed and hence live a life of faith in God which will leave a legacy to remembered for eternity which will keep lifting Father’s holy name.

Friend, do you not wish that your life speaks of how everything you did and how you moved in life all pointed to how awesome God is? Isn’t that a better legacy than living this life that shows you lived for you? The truth is very simple, we were never made to live for ourselves. We were created by God for His purposes to live and flow as one with Him. When this was the original state then having lived in this world has truly corrupted us from this truth. This is the exact reason Jesus came so that He can reconcile us with our Father, put us in that flow of life where all we know is Him and Holy Spirit in us reveals how the truth looks like. Beloved, when we understand that we were made for a greater reason what good will it be to hold onto a life full of self? This legacy in Christ can only be unleashed being one with Him, receiving His work for us, walking contrary to what the world has taught us and instead in the truth.

Each one of our lives is a painting of God and we are the paintbrush that can be picked up by Him so He can paint His masterpiece. But if we do not give ourselves to Him so that He can paint then how can He have paintings He can hang that will be displayed for eternity.Father God cherishes our lives in Him. Beloved, think about the legacy you want to leave in Christ. The fact is that what He wants to paint is only in Him and can be revealed in the place of intimacy with Him. If for whatever you are not in that place of intimacy, go to Him in that secret place and ask Him to help you surrender as a state of being and not a seasonal affair. When surrender to Him becomes a daily living with Him then surrender and later forget lifestyle will disappear. Let Holy Spirit help you draw closer to Him! Your legacy is IN Christ!

Enjoy this song as you pray:

The world we live in has one trait that is characteristic about it and that is change. Governments rise and fall, markets boom and burst, wealth keeps exchanging hands faster than one can spell wealth, situations we find ourselves in can be quite volatile and lastly people we have in our lives can changes their minds at any time. These are the consequences of a fallen world that once lost its flow it was created for mainly because man lost that connection with God. But because of Jesus and His work through the Cross we now have been ushered into a Kingdom that is very contrasting to this world we live in. Only the ones who are born again by The Spirit can even experience this Kingdom. The characteristic of the Kingdom however is that it is unshakeable. This is the gift of Jesus. The main question this post wants to leave to the reader is that if such a Kingdom is unshakeable then how should the citizen of such a Kingdom be? As a christian we cannot reflect the variability of the world we live in but rather reflect the unshakeability of the Kingdom we are part of.

Here is a blast from the past worship song by Hillsong that you can enjoy as you ponder upon this question:

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