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The world we live in has one trait that is characteristic about it and that is change. Governments rise and fall, markets boom and burst, wealth keeps exchanging hands faster than one can spell wealth, situations we find ourselves in can be quite volatile and lastly people we have in our lives can changes their minds at any time. These are the consequences of a fallen world that once lost its flow it was created for mainly because man lost that connection with God. But because of Jesus and His work through the Cross we now have been ushered into a Kingdom that is very contrasting to this world we live in. Only the ones who are born again by The Spirit can even experience this Kingdom. The characteristic of the Kingdom however is that it is unshakeable. This is the gift of Jesus. The main question this post wants to leave to the reader is that if such a Kingdom is unshakeable then how should the citizen of such a Kingdom be? As a christian we cannot reflect the variability of the world we live in but rather reflect the unshakeability of the Kingdom we are part of.

Here is a blast from the past worship song by Hillsong that you can enjoy as you ponder upon this question:

Dear friend in Jesus, God bless you! If you have been born again this post is for you to deepen your union with God. We have now become one with God because of Jesus. Jesus has always been one with Father God and died to rise again so that He could give us what He has with God. What a privilege! Now we are back to the state of being what we were always made to have with God. The question is how well do we actually see this! Because our recognition of oneness with God will absolutely change the way we do life here on earth.

Oneness with God will cause us to always stay connected to His heart and thoughts of His mind
Oneness with God will cause us to always minister to Him every moment of our lives
Oneness with God will make us aware of how to conduct our lives according to divine order
Oneness with God will cause our feet to never step into sins we used to find ourselves in
Oneness with God will make us more sensitive to the spiritual aspects of our lives in Him
Oneness with God empowers us to walk in power of God with power to subdue and have dominion over works of His hands
Oneness with God propels us forward into our predestined destinies in Him causing us to do all the good works
Oneness with God cause us to be like Him to people
Oneness with God will cause us to die to our old man selves and embrace our true selves one with Him
Oneness with God cause us to exercise our spiritual senses

To encourage you in your union with God here is a teaching by Curry Blake:

Dear friends in Christ, many times we do not find ourselves walking in full stewardship of ourselves because either we do not believe we can or we do not see how powerful and freeing it really is. We must understand how this ability is actually a gift of Jesus by freeing us from the old man we used to be. We have so much to be thankful for regarding what Jesus did but it will be even better way to honor Him with our lives when we step into and walk on what He has died and rose to give us. To open our eyes to what is truly possible when we walk in this gift of Jesus, in this post we will look at some of the benefits of doing so.

Benefits of walking in full stewardship of our lives:

1) When we are walking in this we have the ability to teach ourselves and turn ourselves towards the truth.

2) Other people do not have any control over how we are going to take our lives in God. Imagine, if people around us are not living in the truth and had the control over our lives to make us do something that is not right in God’s eyes!

3) We are truly free as we have the power to say yes to what is right and no to what is not.

4) We can freely live as per what God wants out of our lives.

5) We can seek God as much as we want and the way other people seek God has no influence over us. We are free to love God as much as we want. We can live out His commandments and we would be on the right path in His own eyes.

6) Single mindedness is the mark of person with full stewardship over himself or herself. They know how to hold firmly to God’s word.

7) Because we will have worked out how to keep ourselves in order as per the truth, we will not be tossed to and fro in our thoughts and actions. Our yes will be yes and our no will be no(Ephesians 4:14).

8) We will not stumble in anything we speak and do with our bodies. When we are able to bridle our tongue such that whatever comes out of our mouths is only life of God then we will have come to place of perfection(James 3:2). And this is true power!

9) Just as when our Father in heaven speaks something and it does not return to Him void and without having done what He sent it to do, at such a place anything we speak with our mouths will have the same effect(Isaiah 55:11).

10) When we are walking in this fully we will not easily get weighed down by matters of life. Only a person who is not walking in God-given stewardship will be prone to easily get affected by a situation in life or by people’s behavior. Yes we experience many things in life but since we have the real life living inside of us we can already remain in that place and have a say what the external experience will have a say over us or whether truth will(Luke 21:34).

11) We will fulfill our individual ministries well. We can do a God-given task well only when we are strong ourselves(Colossians 4:17).

12) We can then build well and strong upon the foundation of great fathers of faith that have gone before us( 1 Corinthians 3:10-11).

13) We can ensure that we do not loose what we work for in terms of salvation and what we have been called to do here and thereby get our full reward what all is said and done(2 John 1:8-9).

14) We become a model in Christ for others to follow( 1 Corinthians 11:1).

15) We not only save our own selves but the ones who will hear us(1 Timothy 4:16).Strong are able to build up.

16) We will then we able to pay full and proper attention to the sphere of influence He has given us(Acts 20:26-28).

17) We will be able to help people from the right place because we will have overcome our own selves. If we ourselves have not overcome certain wrong mindsets or behavior patterns how will we be able to help those who are struggling with the similar things? (James 5:20)

18) Since we will be able to hold onto God’s word so strongly, any instruction or encouragement to another person going out from us will be sound and from a right place(Titus 1:9).

19) We will then have the ability to turn people’s actions if they are going towards destruction of themselves.

If you haven’t already been able to check out other gifts of Jesus already here are the links gift of His presence within us and gift of victory over any work of the enemy.

Stay blessed and keep fighting the good fight of faith!

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