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Graham Cooke had a dream where Jesus demanded him to give Him back His stuff. Watch it and enjoy why Jesus said that!

When we start to depend and look to our friends and they hurt us or do not meet up to our expectations, only then we find ourselves running to Jesus. When things are fine again we forget the friendship of Jesus or do not nurture that friendship as much as we do when we feel betrayed. Why should that be the case ? Why not start with making Jesus the primary Friend and see other friendships through this main one ? Consider what and how much you have gained out of friendship with Jesus and consider making that change in your life. Here is one way to know the reality of our priorities: are you spending more time with Jesus in the day compared to how much you spend with other people ? We are not suggesting closing up the door and simply be with Him alone. But rather as you go on with daily activities of life are in constant communion with Him with your mind focused on Him. As a man working at investment banking can be doing that through this constant fellowship with Jesus. As a mother taking care of your children you can be flowing with Jesus to your children, hearing the thoughts of Jesus and relaying them to your children. Sitting at a coffee bar or lunch cafe with your friends or bosses you could be in constant dialogue with Jesus as you speak to the people in front of you. This lifestyle is not built in a day but certainly can be as you continuously press in to make Him alone your priority. Enjoy the song and mostly Him. He is worth it all.

Proverbs 9:6, NLT – (6) Leave your foolish ways behind, and begin to live;learn how to be wise.

1. My Debt Is Growing, Or I Am Making The Minimum Monthly Payments On My Debt Or On My Credit Cards

It is better to pay bit by bit. Most of us want to pay our debt in one day but that does not happen. It must be done in a way that we will not feel the pain.

2. If I Miss One Pay Cheque, Then I Can’t Pay My Rent Or My Bills

You know you are running in debt if you cant pay your bills when the pay check is not in.

3. My Spouse And I Fight Constantly Over Money

You know you are running in debt if you and your partner are constantly fighting over money. Who takes what and when? This is a sign you that you need to check your finances very well.

4. I Don’t Put Any Money Into My Savings Or Retirement Account Every Month

5. I Made At Least One Impulsive Purchase Last Week

Impulsive purchase will in most cases let us run into debt

6. Because Of My Financial Situation, I Feel That I Can’t Obey God

7. I’m Constantly Stressed About Money

These are simple ways you know you are running in debt. It is one of the most dangerous things to do. Not having money to do what you need. And it is sad that most of us end up in debt because of mismanagement.

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