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Friends, faith in God doesn’t start with big things. God lets us be trained in the smaller things which is harder than believing for bigger things because by then it is easier to stand on faith in the word of God. But wherever we are in life and growth in God, He will meet us there and lead us from there. Here is a powerful and trust in God building teaching by brother Curry Blake for you. Be blessed!

Did you know that if your heart is in fear or doubt or even is full of questions, its not so much to do with who is causing that but rather with you who has allowed it ? Yes, we are the steward of our own hearts and the gateway to our own beings. No matter what may be trying to oppress you or how strong the pull of certain kinds of thoughts may be, we still have the control over what we let in. Jesus said “let not your heart be troubled”. He never focused on the things that come against us in life. He emphasized on how our response and disposition can be regardless of what may be going on around us. We can live in perfect peace all the time. We already know this and know that at this place we are in pure faith, so let us do it too! Be blessed by this teaching by Pastor Keith Moore!

“What if” and painting scenarios can become our biggest enemy to progress and moving forward in God if you do not kill that practice. We humans made in the image of God have been blessed with brilliance, imagination and creative ability but when our focus is twisted and misplaced the same gift placed in us can be used to brilliantly imagine and scheme scenarios that will never happen and make them our truth. The sad part is if we meditate on them long enough we will subconsciously position ourselves to make those scenarios come to pass because we will be tricked by them to be the reality that should happen. If you are finding yourself doing this, the good news is if you change your focus on God and the truth of the gospel then the same what ifs can be changed to faith based what ifs. There are some situations that we have just no control over, but why should we be losing our composure and faith ?

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