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Christian life was never meant to be easy, because when we live godly we will suffer persecution, when we go ahead to fight the good fight of faith we will confront strongholds, when we advance forward in Christ the enemy will pose hindrances. There are trials and tests in everything. We must endure till the very end so that we can obtain the salvation stored for us. We must move forward at all costs. We must fight no matter the cost. Watch this motivational video by Pastor Steven Furtick and be encouraged for maintaining the attitude you must have for being a soldier for Christ.

Do these lyrics sound encouraging to you? Listen to them and be greatly encouraged and be lifted up from that discouraged state you have been in dear friend.

Further seems forever
Until you’ve seen, until you get there
Until you feel that promised land beneath your feet
There’s a reason for the journey
There is purpose in the learning
Not everything in life comes naturally
No, not everything in life comes easily

But we’re getting there
We’re determined to discover
All that You have hidden for us
Along the way
And we’re getting there
Your presence is the promise
There is nothing that could stop us
We’re on our way

We’ve tasted of Your goodness
We know that You are for us
We could hear the sound of heaven cheer us on
Every day begins with mercy
Every moment filled with beauty
Knowing You have gone before us with the sun
Knowing You believe in us with confidence we’ve won

We often notice that a little encouragement boosts a person up. But do you realize that when we encourage someone or are encouraged in the things pertaining to the flesh they/we get puffed up and start feeling superior to others? The biblical way of encouragement edifies the person by putting oneself below the other person. Biblical encouragement boosts up the person in spiritual aspects which are of eternal value and helps the person to set their minds of heavenly things. That’s true encouragement. If you think you are encouraging your child in his or her studies in comparison to other kids then in time to come you are making him or her competitive and prideful because you have fostered the self in the first place. Instead encourage the zeal and consistency that your child is putting in his or her studies which show the excellency that exists in Christ. In other words if your encouragement is not in the context of Christ it wont really produce life in the long run. So encourage someone with real encouragement today even if that’s you.

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