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Christians are called to live by faith but strangely we are more vulnerable to the world that was given to us to dominate than the unbelievers are. If we are living without faith we are not living at all. So what makes us think we can pray without faith? The fact is, because we have been living for years in this world before we came into Christ our default reaction to situations and people has been fear. Fear is a form of control when we operate outside of the place of perfect love. But on the flip side faith is a form of surrender to the truth we now have been called to live by. There is a Kingdom we are part of, friends. It is completely different from what we have known this world to be. It operates only by faith. There is a power we have been created to flow in but the more we remain vulnerable to the world we live in, the less we will get to see the Kingdom we are part of. This Kingdom is more real than the world we see, hear, touch and experience.

Friends, be encouraged by this teaching by Pastor Dan Mohler and understand what your default now is in Christ.

Dear friends, because our God has already dealt with the old man we used to be and resurrected us as a new man in Christ, our role is to stay dead to the things of the old man. We do not have any need to go digging up areas of our life and past lives to fix our issues of now. The good news is the more we grab hold of the truth now those places of unrenewed self will automatically get exposed. We can then crush its voice and habits. All the other ways other than taking hold of the truth will surely get us focusing on our own selves and make us give justifications to why we are not the way we are supposed to be in God. This life in Christ is supposed to keep us encouraged in Him at every moment of our lives. If that is not our experience of everyday then we are certainly not living in the truth. Here is a helpful teaching by Pastor Dan Mohler which make us understand the message of this post. Be blessed!

How many of you have felt bad about having done something you knew you shouldn’t have ? The fact that you feel so bad about it shows that you at least care now whereas before you couldn’t care less. This is not to gain permission to keep doing that but rather an opportunity to give the rightful place to the power of the gospel to dominate that weakness. What is the point of feeling bad anyway ? The reals solution is in this : let the weak say I am strong. Let mercy triumph judgement. Listen to this teaching by Pastor Dan Mohler who explains the righteous judgement of God when He is looking at you and how we are look at one another through the same eyes. Enjoy!

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