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Dear friends, did you ever think that if you could just have a few simple keys you could live this Christian life the way it was meant to be lived? This teaching by Curry Blake is meant for exactly that. 5 simple essentials are all we will need to walk this life well. One of our favorite keys is the first one : building relationship with God. We are the only ones responsible to build the relationship with Him, He always has a yes. That is why the word of God says draw near to Him and He will draw near to Him. It is upto us to take out quality time with Him just as we do to build relationships with others. Check out this truth filled teaching to understand in detail.

The gospel has been presented in such a way that when we come to God He takes care of us, blesses us and its all about what He does for us. But that is not the case. The real gospel of Jesus is transformation back to the image of Jesus which is why He tells us to deny ourselves, pick up the cross and follow Him. It is so crucial to first deny ourselves because if we still hold onto what seems right to us or our feelings and emotions not aligned to the new creation He has made us to be then we would continue living our lives for ourselves and never end up see the clear way of our Heavenly Father. It would be tragedy to miss out on this way of life because it is the only way to live. Listen to this short clip a sermon by Dan Mohler explaining this truth with great clarity. Be blessed!

Ever wondered what it would be like if Jesus walked on the earth in this generation we live in? The answer is simple He is walking on the earth by means of His Spirit in us, but all it ever takes is a Christian who understands that Jesus lives inside of him or her and manifests Christ through him or her. What that looks like in reality has been captured in this video by Paul Brown who sets out into the streets of New York City with his team who want to see the glory of God made manifests. It really is so simple. Jesus walking on earth and bringing heaven on earth.

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