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This is a cool talk by Graham Cooke that you cannot miss if you are seeking inspiration. Every Christian has a potential to be a game changer so its a choice to make. Game changers know who they are and how to engage with God who lives beyond time and they never live according to or dictated by their circumstances. They are explorers of God and the most confident people on the planet. Graham Cooke shares that when we are on a journey to become like God there are many upgrades on the way which present themselves as problems. But then a game changer sees these problems as the opportunities or stepping stones to those upgrades. How majestic is that perspective! It takes you out of the situation you are in now, isn’t it? Listen for more as there are so many guiding nuggets your spirit will be attracted to and your soul can step in that direction to change what you are in and who you are. Isn’t it so awesome that God would help us view things in the most fun way possible? It is so far away from the traditional viewpoint we also had of God 🙂

Gratitude and thankfulness to God actually flips our perspectives and gets us outside of our own selves and brings us into God’s world. That’s why the bible commands us to be thankful to Him in all things not because God is in desperate need of it to be God but rather that we are benefited by it. It may just be that one thing if you diligently do that will change your life completely. Get inspired by this christian speaker Will Edison who puts it so well.

Somebody out there really needs to see this video today. Be blessed!

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