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Together with Jesus now we can take back everything the enemy has stolen, destroyed or killed. Friends, the book of acts in chapter 10 verse 38 tells us this:

“how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him.”

Now we have the same God who is with us, we have Jesus inside of us and we have the Holy Spirit and His power resident in us. And if we cast our eyes even a few meters it would not take us long to recognize how the enemy has been destroying God’s creation from the beginning of time. Since these two factors are the same and yet we are not seeing the destruction of the enemy’s works then something is not in alignment. In fact 1 John 3:8 tells us clearly this:

“For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil.”

Friends, whether we are willing to accept it or not God’s command to David still holds for us. His word then is still valid over our lives now: Pursue overtake and without fail recover all.

Therefore, since we Christians have already settled this fact that God’s word is the ultimate and authority over our lives then it means that manifestation of the Son of God destroys the works of the devil. What then is the obstacle in seeing this reality in our daily lives?
1) We either do not believe Jesus is inside of us to do greater works than He could do through us now
2) Or we are unable to see and experience the supreme reality of God which is able to evoke radical boldness in us
3) Or we live so conscious of the devil and mistake his ability to steal, kill and destroy to his power and he has now
4) Or we live with no recognition of the enemy’s schemes to hinder God’s Kingdom from advancing
5) Or we are so caught up in temporal gratifications of life and mind that we think we cannot become free

God’s word is clear and true and when applied we will see exactly what He is saying. When we manifest Jesus through us, the works of the enemy are bound to be destroyed.

Here are some fast track ways to align yourselves to this truth and see reality of God’s word through our lives:
1) Seeing God as our home and seeing prayer like a conversation you do not want to stop, or a call you do not want to hang up.
2) Treating the consciousness of God’s presence as breath the way fish cannot live outside of water
3) Selecting couple of verses from the bible which are God’s instructions and always seeing them in front of your eyes as if those were your transparent screens you were viewing anything through.
4) Purposefully bringing those verses in creative ways in every conversation we have with people. When we ask Holy Spirit He will show us what can be said in a particular conversation. People are thinking beings and even in a business meeting we can drop God’s thoughts into people’s minds. Why not ?
5) Praying in the Spirit and purpose to interpret what we are praying.
6) Seeing ourselves as one way PIPES where whatever we receive we have to give it out else we will burst with the pressure of containing anything to our selves.
7) Before day starts asking Holy Spirit to show in prayer, people and situations He wants to do something about through us. Whatever He shows we can write them down and approach these one by one. We are after all partner with Holy Spirit.

Stay tuned for more posts which unfold the gifts of Jesus and let us be totally wrecked by His great love for us.

Here is a song to encourage yourself in Him and be strengthened to do what He has called you to.

Dear friends in Christ, it was God’s idea that man have the dominion over His works and His creation. It was God’s good pleasure to give us His Kingdom. Man did not come up with this idea or even the idea of making himself. If our Maker makes us and puts us in a certain manner to live in this world should we not then rather live in that free place He has given to us? He has already redeemed our position in Christ by restoring us back to Himself. In Him we have indeed become new creation. But should we allow what we have learnt from this world the traditions and mindsets to hold us back from truly living our potential in Christ? This is much more than having authority in Christ or having the faith of Christ, friends. This is about accepting and embracing our sonship in Him. If we do not see beyond what our physical worldly context allows us to see we will keep remaining in the constraints we were never made for. Let all the fish bowls break in your life! Break free from the mindsets that held you back from living in truth.

We must see beyond our human capacities and learn to step into our new creation realities friends! Stay tuned for upcoming posts which will help us find out how we can do that so that we are able to step into our real way of life. Let us not be held back!

Beloved, we were not only called to live for Christ. Yes, in the new covenant we are people who have been called to live through Christ. The secret revealed to the Church in Colossians 1: 27 is Christ in us is the hope of the glory. Furthermore, we are called to live just as Christ is right now in 1 John 4:17. When He has called us to live in this manner surely He has placed the empowerment in it. In other words, if we choose to live in the flesh how can we expect to live a life of the Spirit? How can we be empowered for a life that is not His new and living way for us? The good news is in this that when we choose to live according to the Spirit and truth we find empowerment and His grace enables us to continue on it.

Beloved, Jesus was fueled by the Spirit in every way, He was filled with the fullness of God. He lives inside of us. How can we then separate Him and us when He Himself has made us one with Him ? It’s only a matter of choosing to live like Jesus. When you do take that decision, commit it to the Lord and take the necessary actions you will find that the same life that Jesus lived is found in you. You will carry His integrity for God, you will carry His right standing for God, you will carry His purity in your life and you will carry His holiness. How can it not be so when you have given your life to Him ? Living His life is possible by the Spirit of God. He invites us to it. The only thing that can ever hinder you is if you believe you cannot live that way. But He has opened up this new and living way for us as new creation and it is possible!

We must be species of God that were never found on this earth and as new creation people we are this positionally. The fall of man corrupted our innocence in God and we have by living in this world try to grab what is negative by default in any situation. How about we all live in such a way that no corruption or impurity can ever be associated to us. Can we ever say looking at the life of Jesus through His word that He was selfish or had secret affairs or exploited people for money? If hearing such things about Jesus offends you and angers you then ought you not live in such a way that such accusations or doubts cannot even cross people’s minds about you?

At this point many of us may be wondering but we will always sin or make mistakes. But did Jesus ? This is the secret revealed in the epistles and letters of Jesus’ disciples that it is possible to live a life like Jesus did. If we set our minds and hearts to seek for living such a life then we will surely find it.

Jesus died to resurrect people with purity such that even if they were placed with temptations they will found worthy and not wanting.
Jesus died to resurrect people whose integrity is solid gold that even if it seems like God is not helping, they are able to willingly walk into the very fire that’s there to destroy them.
Jesus died to resurrect people who are so one with God that heaven laughs when accusations are made about them just because of how they live.

Your life lived as His new creation is what will change this world!

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