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Watch this truth filled teaching about the strength and essence of the body of Christ by Pastor Dan Mohler, where each one of us is such a strong and indispensable part of it.

The God in you is greater than legions of devils inside another person, therefore stop for that one person who needs Jesus and love him or her. Watch this powerful testimony by Todd White and understand this is what God is calling out from within us, to rise up and really love. Be the Church of Jesus Christ !

The gospel has been preached to us for far too long in such a way that it caused our attitude to be : what is in it for me, how is this gospel benefiting me and how is God going to come through for me. Yes that’s accurate and you can check if that is the case in your life. Lets check with a few questions:

>Do you open the word of God to know God or to get tools to get by the day or the circumstance you are in or even to find something that proves you right ?
>Does your prayer life mainly consist of asking God to align the situation or the people you find yourself with or does it consist of wanting to know who He is and what He wants to see you become in the midst of the situation or the people?
>Do you get more excited for the next trial to shine Christ through it or do you get excited for the next breakthrough and blessing?
>Do you have an eternal view whereby you live representing the King and His Kingdom or do you make the enemy’s tactic against you personal ?

The David generation are different from what the Body of Christ at large now is used to. This generation is more interested in God’s interests and desires, they truly do not love their lives unto death. They are sold out for God’s Kingdom. This generation is not about them but for causing the situation to give glory to God. This generation brings heaven to every situation they find themselves in. They know that they may not have the experience of the world or accolades but with God they are already a majority. They have seen God come through already and know the Goliath in front of them is going to have to come down. They do not bow down to status quo they bow only to God. They see beyond what the enemy is showing them. They walk in close relationship with God.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, you are this David generation. If you have Holy Spirit, baptized in Him, you have been equipped to carry forward God’s interests and cause glory to be given to Him. Arise and shine, friends !You are encouraged to listen to this sermon by brother Todd McNicholas so that you can who you are so that you can impact this generation.

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