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How will we ever discern a lie if we do not fill our hearts with truth?
How do we ever activate the weapon of warfare and cast down every imagination and thought that rises above the knowledge of God if we do not have the knowledge of God stored up in us?
How will we ever not be aware of enemy’s devices and give him no place if the word is not in us to defend us?

Let us get rid of religious ideas that reading the bible is a Christian thing to do. Let us read the bible because we want to know Him. It is a relationship with God that is to be pursued and in the bible we find Him.

Be encouraged by this teaching by Pastor Dan Mohler as he expands the word of God to the Body of Christ.

One very profound statement this 9 year old child makes is that one cannot just read one book of the bible and make an entire conclusion about the nature of God. One cannot know God to be something and see Him only through that lens all the time. Through every book in the bible God’s nature has been laid out, His heart has been made clear. To know this amazing Father who happens to be God it will take eternity but as long as we are on earth let us not make conclusions about Him based on wrong view we study His word through, or through our experiences or how people treat us or through what we have gained by living in this fallen world. No Jesus came to reveal Him, Holy Spirit reveals Jesus and Jesus has already spoken to Holy Spirit. Let us therefore make holistic choices to truly know the Godhead. Shalom!

Jesus chooses 12 men to be his apostles Jesus sends out his 12 apostles. This is the audio bible niv.

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