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You’re taking me by the hand again giving me strength to dance again
Cause Your love changes everything Your love changes everything
You never fail when I look at you You never fail
And I trust in you and you never let go You never let go of me

Hey friends, we often want to love like Jesus but without stepping into who He is and letting Him love us and us receiving that we will not be able to pull it. It wont be real and wont be from the heart. Here is a song you can use as a prayer as you commune with His Spirit asking Him to make you like Him.

Dear friends, you know you can be having a neighbor and observe them daily from your house and know a lot about him or her, isn’t ? But till the time you actually go and make a contact with that neighbor you cannot really say you “know” your neighbor. You can say a lot about him or her or them though. It is the same way with our Heavenly Father. We can read His word, talk about Him with our brothers and sisters in Christ and even hear sermons all day long. We can only say we know about God but we cannot say we know Him. The life in Christ and living by the Spirit hinges on knowing God , having an experiential knowledge or literally living with Him knowing Him. When we know Him truly , faith is an automatic response to that. When we know Him, loving Him is automatic because we then respond to the love He has given and gives to us daily. When we know Him, loving ourselves and loving others the way He does with the destiny He has decided , will also be just as automatic. Enjoy this sermon by Dan Mohler where he addresses the real key to becoming love is knowing who our Father is .

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