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5 easy ways to make money with your website

Creating your own website or having one created for you by web developers provides you with a good opportunity to make extra cash apart from what you earn from the core business of the site. This does not however mean that you can only earn extra cash with a commercial website. You can literally earn extra cash from any type of website you create. Below are some 5 ways to make money with your website.

1. Sell goods – Regardless of type of your website, you can engage in selling both physical and electronic goods through your website. You only need to install an e-commerce Plug-in complete with shopping cart to sell physical goods. There are also varied electronic goods that you can sell including eBooks, different types of software and other digital products.

2. Join Cost per Click programs – There are many cost per click programs that you can join for the purpose of earning extra income. Cost per click programs are networks that allow you to partner with major entities. Such entities allow you to display their advertiser’s text or images on your website. You earn revenue when visitors to your website click on the adverts. Some of the programs you may consider joining include Google’s AdSense, Media.net, Chitika, Bidvertiser, Kontera and Clicksor among other programs.

3. Sell ad space – Having a website that attracts a good number of online traffic on a daily basis provides you with a good opportunity to earn extra money by selling advertising space. A good number of companies, firms and individuals are always on the look out for websites visited by a good number of possible clients, websites on which they advertise their products and services.

4. Host post surveys/polls – This is one of the 5 ways to make money with your website that has proved beneficial to thousands of website owners. There are several entities such as Vizu Answers that pay you for hosting surveys and polls. They also offer you free polls service that allows you to set up your own website’s poll.

5. Reselling – This is similar to selling goods except that instead of selling your goods only, you buy varied types of goods at wholesale price, add up a markup and sell. You can actually resell without physically getting hold of the goods physically.
These are just 5 ways to make money with your website. There are other several ways you can undertake to share in the millions that other website owners make.

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