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why you need home insurance

At times referred to as homeowner’s insurance, home insurance is a type of insurance that provides cover to your home, which is basically a property. You can take out home insurance policy for different types of dwelling property including condominium, your personal home building or multiple dwelling units so long as you live in one of the units. Like with all types of insurance, home insurance provides for compensation in case you suffer loss of or damage to your home. There are several reasons why you need home insurance.
One of the reasons why you need this type of insurance is to protect your home against unintentional damage to your home together with contents therein. Such damage can be as a result of fire, theft, vandalism and storm among other causes. In case such hazard, the policy guarantees you cash payment commensurate with the value of your home or alternatively have your home replaced. While cash payment is restricted to how your home is worth, replacement payment covers everything you may lose in case of a hazard.
The other very important reason why you need to buy home insurance is to protect yourself from claims that may emanate when a visitor to your home sustains injury. In this case, home insurance takes the form of liability insurance meaning that you will not be obligated to pay out of pocket for treatment expenses.
A major reason why you need home insurance is the fact that the home insurance policy document is one of very important documents that lenders require from you when you need to take out mortgage loan. In this regard, your home serves as collateral and because it suffers the risk of damage or destruction, the policy assures a lender that replacement will be forthcoming.
What you pay for home insurance policy in form of premium depends on what the amount that will be required to replace your home in case of a hazard is. In most cases, insurance companies quote low premiums in cases where homes to be insured are located near important services such as a fire station. Like other types of insurance, the home insurance policy is a legally binding agreement between you and your insurer.
Although the above reasons clearly show why you need home insurance, you need to realize that home insurance policy does not provide protection against all hazards. Damages or destructions caused by flood, earthquake and terrorism activities are usually not covered. It may be necessary to buy additional individual policies to supplement the main policy.

5 Online Money Making Ideas

The Internet is often referred to as a cash cow by many across the globe. This is because of the many money making opportunities that the Internet provides. While some take up such opportunities as a way of earning extra income to supplement the income they earn from their regular economic activities, others have taken up the opportunities on a full time basis. There are indeed millions of people of different background, academic level and expertise who have earn regular income from Internet money making opportunities. Below are examples of 5 online money making ideas that you too can take up.
1. Blogging – This is one of the most effective ways through which you can earn regular income from the Internet. It is particularly suitable if you are passionate about writing. Alternatively, you may start a blog that addresses a specific niche. There are several ways through which you can mint good money with your blog so long as you have gained a sizable following. Such ways include offering advertising space for advertisers, writing reviews and marketing products and services of companies.
2. Freelancing – This is probably one of the most effective ways through which you can earn good money. It is very suitable in case you have skill or knowledge in a specific field such as writing, research, photography and apps development among many others. Such sites as Freelancer, Elance and GetAfreelancer are good platforms where clients and professionals meet for the purpose of getting work done.
3. Virtual Assistant – This is on of the best 5 online money making ideas you may need to take up. There is no doubt that business persons from across the globe look out for part-time and full-time personnel to who they can outsource some of their daily business processes such as dealing with emails, answering questions and making travel reservations among many other processes. You can indeed find a company or business that offers you a full-time opportunity that you can comfortably accomplish from home.
4. Offer Call Center Service – This is another business process that many companies and firms outsource not only to call center companies but to individuals as well. The best way to go about it is to search for companies outsourcing in-coming call center services. You can indeed offer the service to several companies and create employment opportunity for others.
5. Selling Photos – Such stock photo agencies as Dreamstime, Fotolia and Shutterstock provide thousands with opportunity to make good money. They buy unique photos from individuals. You only need to have a quality camera and the necessary technique.
The good thing with some of these 5 online money making ideas is that you do not need to have a huge capital if any to start with. Furthermore, you can build up your business even if you start small.

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