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A sweet song of surrender to God and reaffirming to Him and your soul to rest in Him alone.

When the Son of man returns will He find faith on earth ? Does He find that now in you ? 🙂 When He returns He should find us in Him and one with His heart, desires, plans and purposes on earth, just as He should be able to find all that in us now. This dimension with Jesus now is such an intimate affair, that no matter how unfavourable and unaligned a certain situation is we are one with Him, able to experience what He did and does and still be able to let who He is be the response to that situation. Let us step into that place of surrender and intimacy with Jesus, friends! Enjoy this song and let there be alignment in you according to it.

Hey friends isn’t it amazing that our God gets praised in so many languages? Jesus Christ the Desire of all Nations. Here is an Arabic worship song for you today enjoy it!

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