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When you fall in love with God how can we ever not praise Him, speak of Him with others, enjoy His Presence, love Him, appreciate Him ? Loving God is the newest thing we can do everyday. Let us wake up in love with Him, singing praises to Him. Let us look for different ways to love Him. Doesn’t He deserve it ? He is so good and faithful. Just His Presence is nothing like we have ever experienced. Enjoy this song!

Oh lover of my soul pull me in Your arms forever
It’s You and You alone burning in my heart
Oh lover of my soul You’re my one true love
Every breath is Yours hear my greatest song
I love You Lord, I love You Lord
Jesus, all my heart belongs, to You
Jesus, every heartbeat longs, for You

Hey friends, we often want to love like Jesus but without stepping into who He is and letting Him love us and us receiving that we will not be able to pull it. It wont be real and wont be from the heart. Here is a song you can use as a prayer as you commune with His Spirit asking Him to make you like Him.

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