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Hey friends, we often want to love like Jesus but without stepping into who He is and letting Him love us and us receiving that we will not be able to pull it. It wont be real and wont be from the heart. Here is a song you can use as a prayer as you commune with His Spirit asking Him to make you like Him.

This Christmas do not forget that it is all about Christ and because of what He did for us we now live free. Happy Christmas!

In an effort to go far in life in aspects we think are more valuable than other directions we could have chosen, we become so myopic and make our lives only about those aspects and fall apart when they do not pan out the way we want them. Yes these aspects can be those paths God set our focus on but we start moving on those paths based on our own understanding. And then we get discouraged and fall apart! What we do not see in ourselves and for others in our lives is how far He has brought us because it so much about what still has not happened or what has not changed. Let us be careful of such an attitude. Let us humble ourselves to go at the same pace at our Heavenly Father is going. Here is a song that will help us to appreciate and acknowledge our Father and He has never left our side.

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